Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog #7 - Hiphop 4 Hip hop controversies ---- Reflection

When I first read this article, I like many others was COMPLETELY confused as to where to start, and what to talk aboout.
But I decided to reflect upon the article and how it made me felt, bear with me while I fight off this cold. If anything seems a bit messed up let me know.

Ball's outlok on Hip Hop confused me a bit, but I think what he was trying to say was that he wasn't necessarily trying to downplay hip hop. He was just trying to open people's eyes to the underlying meaning and why a colonialized America struggles with such topics. Ball stated "colonialism requires a
domestic and foreign policy to which empire-promoting concepts of people and
the world, of the exchange of money and culture can be grafted..." and I believe that is true, however it is often challenged. For example hip hop took great pride in the 2008 voting election.

The Respect My Vote campaign is a project of The Hip Hop Caucus and The Source magazine. Caucus, with over 700,000 members nationwide, aims to "to foster civic engagement among young people of color on issues of social and economic justice, human rights, the environment, and international peace."

The Respect campaign, which was restarted after lying dormant since the 2008 elections, aims to educate, mobilize and register to vote people of color between the ages of 18 and 39. Most of those targeted live in urban areas or attend historically Black colleges.

In 2008, the campaign registered over 50,000 new voters, 32,000 of them on a single day. (Info/Picture found at http://www.peoplesworld.org/labor-hip-hop-forge-vote-alliance/)

They also made VOTE OR DIE t-shirts and many hip hop artists co-signed the importance of the black vote.

I myself struggled during election time because I did not know who to vote for. Don't get me wrong I WAS going to vote for Barack Obama just because he was black in order to change the course of the usual, but that wouldn't have been fair. If Obama was not capable of doing the job I waould have not known until it was too late because I did not educate myself and understand what he stood for. I had to sit and watch the press confrences and actually get involved.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's to our digital lives

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Topic 5: Extended comments--- From Knowledge to Knowledge-able

While reading Wesch's piece I became completely wrapped up in how much technology really controls things in our lives. I read Lexi's blog and could not stop shaking my head in agreement with the things she argued. Learning and gaining knowledge are outdated in today's world. Technology has come a long way over the past century or so, but it has definitely made a difference in lives as well.

In the elementary school I had went to we were just gaining access to computers and pone systems. The PA system in the building was barely working. I could blame that on only be due to low funding, but they were still far behind in technology. When i started middle school I was transferred to a Catholic school. They also were beginning to bring computers into the classrooms. By the time I had reached 8th grade we were using computers at least once a week but we only did word and reading games for 15 minutes and were then allowed to play on gaming websites. In high school we had smart boards and computer classes, however in the classroom not all of the teachers knew how to work the smart board, and in computer class we only learned how to properly type on a keyboard.

Wesch's argument that institutions do focus too much on authority, memorization, and high testing scores is something that I can also agree with. The NECAP tests, scan-tron based tests, MCAS ,etc are the focal points of graduation for students. Even if they may miss the mark by 1 point is the difference between graduation and repeating the 12th grade.

The only other point that I may argue is that technology for the future generations is something that could change things. Children now a days are relying on technology for learning. For example my cousins are always playing video games. They may be games like Dora and Diego, where they have to pick a certain animal, or a certain color but they are learning. Also they do not go outside and play as much as I used to when I was their age. I would be outside from noon until the street lights came on. Most kids would rather stay in and watch TV. There are now DVD's like Little Einstein and Your Baby Can Read that are designed for a child's early development and learning experiences through things that stimulate the baby's mind. Whether it really is going to make a difference in the ways children learn we will just have to wait and see.