Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Save Me- Nikki Minaj in a different outlook :)

Ever since leecy and lexi did their project involving nikki minaj I couldn't stop thinking about it. Either that or I really do have a slight obsession for her. There is a song on Nikki Minaj's album Pink Friday that shows the non-weird side of her. This isn't really talking about anything that has to do with teenagers but I just wanted to share it. Its called Save Me, its actually my favorite song on the album. It stays away from the usual controversal and sexy look that Nikki usually portrays.
There isnt an official video yet either, im going to post the song with the lyrics.

and since i always have a hard time with this here's the link just in case


#9- When being a good girl can be bad, atlanta, alice in wonderland------- Argument

Tolman and Higgins argued that being a good girl can also be detrimental for a girl. They state that when a "woman is not in a heterosexual monogamous marriage" then they are deemed as "bad" because a woman being sexual and expressing themselves in various ways is not part of the "norm". They also argue that when it comes to a man things are not seen the same. Men are given a free pass because actions like that are due to testosterone. And the women are chastised for being the passive person.

I would have to agree that when women are sexual beings they are looked down upon. I hate to say that men aren't even given a second thought when they do a sexual act, but they don't. Instead they are given praise for making a "score" and that it is okay for them to be doing such things because that is normal for a man to do. Women have always struggled with the fact that they have been trying to be seen as equal, even since the beginning of time. When America was first being ratified women were not involved with politics or voting. Their opinion was not need, nor considered. It has continued to be a struggle for women ever since. All they were trying to do was be considered to be smart, and that they actually had the brain capacity to withhold a conversation of an intellectual topic.Men have also had it a lot easier. Men that were white and property holding were allowed to vote and have a say in congress. But anyone else was turned away.

The other problem is that if a woman is not white and in a heterosexual marriage they are looked down upon. For example I'll use myself. I classify myself as a mixed-bisexual woman that happens to be engaged to a woman as well. The general public would think of me as strange because I engage in sexual activity that is not deemed "normal". Before they even look at the fact that I am not white the fact that I am gay would set me apart from the rest. And because I am not marrying a man that would most likely put the icing on the cake. Some people see that as weird, uncalled for and inappropriate.

Topics like this is the core reason why i love the new version of Alice In Wonderland. Having a strong and outspoken girl like Alice around can put hope that women can speak up for themselves and conquer the things they have to deal with. Alice uses her voice to speak on things she may not agree with, or feel is right. I highly respect her for that.
At the end of the movie Alice comes back to her engagement party and tells her future husband that they cannot get married because she does not feel the same. After that she goes through everyone else at the party telling them how she REALLY feels about them.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am very outspoken. Some may not feel that it is my place to speak up for myself. But I refuse to walk around acting like my head is in the clouds just to make myself into the inferior woman that most people expect.
As far as the song and video of Atalanta, I think the princess was very outspoken. She did not want to have her father pick her husband, she wanted to travel the world, and if she had found the right man then she would marry. After the race Atalanta and John made a deal to become friends. But the overall story is about Atalanta's triumph from being forced to marry without actually knowing a man.

Both Atalanta and Alice are good examples of bad girls that can do a lot of good. Even though society would not agree with either one of them, I personally would rather be one of them then being a goody two shoes that gets caught up in a bad situation.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kids (Movie) - Casper the dopest ghost

Okay so let me try this again... (Told u this isn't working out in my favor).

OMG i'm gonna scream

heres the link. I give up!


Blog 8 ---- final project ideas??

So i've been thinking really hard about what I was actually going to pick as a topic because I wasn't sure where to start.

But here's what I have so far.

1.Teenage crime
I was thinking about teenage crime. Whether it is stealing or fighting, carrying weapons, and gang affiliation. I would want to find out more reasons why teenagers can sometimes "get caught in the wrong crowd" and get themselves into court dates, and even jailtime. Maybe interview a few of my friends who have been involved.

2. Teen piercings
Everyone knows I have an eyebrow ring. I don't change them up like I used to as a teen, but if I was not an education I would most likely have more facial piercings. I would like to look into and analyze why teenagers are into piercings.

3. Teen movies

I want to compare and contrast movies like Thirteen and Kids and how they are considered "eye-opening" movies for teens to watch. And why they are considered a wake up call.

If the link below doesn't open I apologize, I still can't get this to work for me. But its a scene from the movie Kids.