Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#6 Glee- hyperlinks

missed my glee post... so here it is...

When i watched Gless for the first time i was really confused by it. I wasnt too interested and decided not to get myself wrapped up in the show. But for this class i watched it again and i instantly fell in love. The show gave a new age twist to the high school drama people experience. Maybe i wasnt giving Glee the opportunity to grow on me as a show, because i was so used to watching shows like degrassi in earlier years. I figured it was going to be a waste of my time and energy. But it really wasn't, it actually reminded me of the myspace mini drama Freak. The main character Lucy is much like the character Kurt in glee. Lucy may not have been gay but she dressed like a boy and didnt do much to change into a "girlier look". The episode below is episode 2 where Lucy gets a makeover with the help of a friend, but it backfires when another girl in their group of friends has on the exact same dress.

Lucy struggles with her feminity much like Kurt. Her step-brother does not make it any easier on her, and instead continues to call her a freak and exile her out the group. Kurt however embraces it while enduring the ridicule he receives. Kurt is fine with his sexuality and refuses to give up on who he really is.Lucy just tried to stay away from everyone as much as possible. Lucy struggles with her feminity because it is hard for her to fit in just how she is. She just wants to be accepted just like Kurt.

Here's the first episode if you want to get into this show :)

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